*Program Purpose*
BGDC was founded by a group of black women designers, seeking to expand the knowledge-base of the next generation of fashion-industry professionals. An additional mission is to support the personal development of marginalized young women, by promoting creative expression and self-love. 
*Program Participants*
BGDC recruits young black women, ages 6-24. Our biggest requirements are that our mentees  have an interest in fashion, as well as  a genuine desire to receive mentorship.
*Program Format*
Mentorships can be 1-to-1 (one mentee per mentor), 1-to-many (a mentor can have up to 3 mentees), or many-to-many (group activities). This all depends on the availability of the mentee and the mentor, geographic locations, and available resources.
*Program Style*
We offer 4 starts per calendar year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Mentorship sessions last 12 weeks with the option to re-enroll. This consists of a weekly touch base (via phone call, video call, or  in-person),  bi-weekly projects/lessons, and  monthly outings/field trips-- which may or may not include other mentors/mentees. 
*Program Application Process*
Prospective mentors submit an application, resume,  500-word personal statement, and 3 references.  Mentor applicants also incur a background check fee of $45. 
Prospective mentees submit an application (via parent or self) and an age appropriate personal statement, as defined by BGDC staff.
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