Only one of the below options is required to commence services with us. 

DESIGN CONSULTATION: For the consultation, you will need to have prepared sketches, inspiration photos, color story and fabric ideas for each style. These components should be interpreted in a mood board to be presented to us. Be prepared with collection assortment and the exact styles you would like to move forward with for sampling and product development. We discuss the entire product development process and cater all the below services to the needs of your business as well as pricing $165. With our CEO $195

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT SESSION: During the design development session we sketch your ideas, give fabric knowledge and create a cohesive collection assortment for you to move forward with sampling and product development. Just bring you ideas. We discuss the entire product development process and cater all the below services to the needs of your business as well as pricing $295. With our CEO $350  
PRODUCTION MANUFACTURING CONSULTATION: During the production consultation the designer must have completed production patterns, samples, fabric availability confirmed, sizing, units and colors. The entire product development process should be complete before booking this consultation. You are welcome to book this consultation if you want us to edit your patterns, perform grading/marking and ready to produce in bulk $155. With our CEO $185 

Product Development Stages
The below steps take place once you are assigned a Project Manager. You are assigned a Project Manager once you have made sufficient payments to your payment arrangement. 
Stage 1 - Fabric selection After your 3/4 payment we start sourcing fabrics/trims. We will be mailing you the option and you will confirm which fabrics you like for each style. After you confirm we send you the invoice. Once the payment is made we order the sample yardage. Also, keep in mind that we can NOT start sewing the final samples in stage 6 until all fabrics and trims are physically in our studio *This fabric is not for production. 
Stage 2 - Patterns 2D paper that reflects your design/fabric for each style. Which is the blueprint and intellectual property of your design. The pattern is accompanied with a cutters must. The cutters must is a complete instructions on how to place the garment pieces together to turn it from 2D to 3D. 
Stage 3 - Fit samples We use the patterns to make mockups for each style with fabrics like or similar to the ones you asked for in the consultation.
Stage 4 - Fitting meeting (Virtual or in-person) We do not use dress forms. A fit model is required. We try the fit samples on your fit model and make the necessary fit adjustments for each style. We can add or take away any details. You can not change your design from a coat to a pant for example. We take photos and notes while this is going on. Once the fitting is over we email you a recap to confirm these changes. Once you confirm the notes we can not change the design anymore without incurring additional fees. 
Stage 5 - Pattern edits After confirming the recap notes we use the notes to edit the patterns for each style. We compare the pattern with the fit samples to make sure the fit is accurate. Sometimes a 2nd fitting is necessary if the fit is way off before we go to stage 6 so stages 2-4 are repeated.
Stage 6 -  Final sample Once all styles are edited we move them as 1 project to be sewn in your final fabrics. We check the cutter's-must, make sure trimmings are In the bag, check the fabric. Then we cut out all the styles and sew them. Once the sewing is complete we do quality control.
Stage 7 - Final sample review (Mailed to you or in-person) We try the final samples on your model to make sure they fit. If there are any additional changes or updates, your welcome to request an additional sample at our sample cost or leave the changes to be updated in production. 
That ends the design development stages. After you've spent time with your samples you come back to us with your numbers (units and sizes) so we can price out production if you wish to do it with us. A production meeting will be scheduled to talk more in-depth, advise quote and all manufacturing options based on your production budget.  


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