What is the insta fashion designer program?

This program is meant for any individual who wants to personalize basic silhouettes to sell to consumers.

This program is an instant entry way to creating production units of basics such as hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jogger pants, and /or bikinis.


How does it work?

To participate in this program, you can fill out our order form which lists how many units you want to do , what basic design components you want in your item, the colors or prints, and if you want to add any graphic artwork or logos to your items.


After you fill out the form, we provide an estimated quote on how much it will cost to produce the amount of units you want to make in your quick design.

This estimated quote is followed up with a meeting with our team, if you are ready to move forward.




In your production cost, a sample is included.


In this meeting, we will go over everything discussed in your original form and any  additional concerns/ or feedback you may have regarding your insta designs.


What do I need to do?

Just click our order form, and fill it out. After your form is filled out, wait 1-4 business days for your estimated quote.




Hoodie Order Form

Sweatshirt Order Form

Jogger/Sweat-pant Order Form

T-Shirt Order Form

Bikini Order Form - COMING SOON



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