#CVWoman Long Line T-shirt
Crew Neck Long line T-shirt with Side Slits 100% Cotton
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A Life Designed by Lenese Calleea
One woman's journey to creating her most expressive life. Preorder Lenese Calleea's first novel so you can be the first to have one. Everything you've ever wanted to ask Lenese is within these pages!     Estimated Release Date: 08.01.2021
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Apparel Merchandise Management
- Style numbering system - Brand Identity & distinction - Creating assortment vs variety - Target consumer & Identification - Creating Line sheets & Line Review - Retail Partner Distribution - Product Evaluation
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Broken Land Tammy Corset Jacket & Sandy Shorts
Light Blue Hue Denim Set. Little Stretch. Worn Once.  Top is Medium. Bottom is Large 
$318.00 $125.00
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