LC Apparel Consulting GENERAL FAQ

Business Hours: (Until August 31st)

Days: Monday - Thursday Time: 10:00 am- 7:00 pm 


What happens if I enter this with no knowledge?

  • If clients require mentorship or extra assistance a $300 mentorship fee will be added to the invoice.

Am I able to receive updates on the progress of my samples?

  • Yes, you will be able to receive updates when fabric sourcing is complete, fit samples are ready, final samples and surface design are complete before scheduling a meeting, pick up, or shipping.
How long will the product development process be?
    • The product development process consists of a series of steps which include the conceptualization, design, development, and marketing of newly created or newly rebranded goods and/or services. This process varies based on your payment agreement and can take 8 weeks plus.
    • A rush order project is possible at the discretion of the project manager, and if it is agreed upon, then an additional $800 will be assessed.
Does the team update the clients in each stage of the process?
  • Yes! We update all of our clients at each stage of the process and once each stage begins you will be notified.
Do I own my pattern/design, or is it the property of LC Apparel?
  • Yes, you do own your patterns and designs, and are available for you once paid in full.
Is it faster or better to do product development locally or internationally?
  • It is better to do product development locally rather than internationally because, in the event that you do bump into issues along the way, it is easier to solve them in your area than having to go overseas.
What kind of changes are permitted during the fit session?
  • Only sizing/fit alterations can be made during the fit session. However, design changes are based on our discretion.
If I’m not happy with my sample what is the procedure?
  • LC Apparel Consulting has a NO refund policy. We will make every reasonable accommodation possible before production is made.
What if I want to add fabric sourcing after the fitting session and how does that affect the process?
  • Yes, it is possible, but it will further delay the process.
What if I want to change my fabric after the pattern is made?
  • If the fabric changes are significant then there will be an additional pattern edit fee.
What if I want to change my sample sizing after the pattern is made?
  • Unfortunately, that cannot be done, you would need to request a new pattern to be made at an additional charge.
Do you accept outside patterns?
  • Yes, however, if they are not industry-standard there will be an additional pattern correction fee.
What the minimum and maximum order quantities for production?
  • LC Apparel Consulting has no MOQ.
What are your minimum and maximum order quantity for product development?
  • LC Apparel Consulting has no MOQ, however, we do outsource to our partners for very large quantities and the client will receive a production management fee starting at $1800.
What is the process if I already have a sample?
  • You must provide a pattern for your sample. If you are ready to go into production you must request your production order so that we can provide you with a production quote. If you do not have a pattern, we will create one for your sample for an additional charge.
What if I have a design idea and cannot sketch?
  • LC Apparel Consulting provides Design Development Sessions where we sketch your ideas, give you fabric knowledge, and create a cohesive collection assortment for you to move forward with sampling and product development.


Do you have financing plans available and how do they work?

Yes, we offer 1-10 equal installments on a bi-weekly payment schedule. 

  • *YOU MAY SUBMIT PAYMENT VIA APPLE PAY\ZELLE TO 347-949-1609 or CASH APP TO $LCAC4L. This does not eliminate the tax.

    **30% deposit is required to be place on our product development schedule.  Clients will need to have 75% paid for us to have enough funds to allocate to your product development process for our pattern maker/seamstress etc., not to work faster or rush your product development.

    ***Please note that our payment plans do not reflect the duration of your project. Our payment plans are a courtesy to help designers bring their vision to life on their desired budget.  Your project will succeed your payment schedule depending on fabric availability,details, functionality, and quality.

    ****No refunds, credit only. Late fees will apply on past due invoices

How long are prices valid for once given?

    • Prices that are given are only valid for 30 days and after could be subject to increase.
    • A 30% deposit is required to begin evaluating the project, and to be assigned a project manager., and must reach 75% paid to begin fabric sourcing.  Once a client has paid a deposit, operations will turn over responsibility of invoices to project managers. 
If I make payment sooner than my expected financing plan will I receive my samples sooner?
  • Your product development plan is based on your payment arrangement. If those payment arrangements are altered, unfortunately, you will not be able to get your samples any sooner. The time to complete the project may outweigh the payment if paid sooner. We will prioritize your project but completion will be decided by the project manager based on their current workload.
What if I do not make a payment on my expected financing plan will my estimated due date for my samples get pushed back?
  • Yes, it will further delay the process of your samples. You can put your project on hold at any time.
What if I am not able to continue my project?
    • Projects will be placed on hold if there is an extended lapse in communication, or if there is non payment on the account.  Once both LCAC and the client are current with payment and/or communication, the project manager will assess a resume date.
Is there an ACH option? How will doing this benefit me? 
  • Clients have the option of doing ACH payments.  Clients must sign an authorization form and will be eligible for a 10%/$300 max discount 

Are there any late fees I should know about?

  • If there is no communication on payment from you to our company, you will be charged $50 late fee every seven days from payment due date.
  • Three unpaid late fees, you will be placed on hold.
  • If you would like to be reinstated after being placed on hold you will need to be charged 5% original invoice payment to recommence.


How long does the product development process take?

  • 6 months+ 

How long does the production take?

  • 1-3 months

Do you need to meet in person every time?

  • We suggest that you come in person for the fittings.
  • We have virtual options available for the consultations.

If my product is a bag design would that take as long as a clothing brand?

  • Yes, it's the same process for bags and accessories.


When will the production process start?
  • This process will begin after the product development is complete. All fit, fabric, units, and sizes must be confirmed to begin production.
What is a pre-production sample?
  • A pre-production sample is a sample of products before bulk production or manufacturing starts.
Will you create my labels and hangtags?
  • Yes, if you take advantage of our production management service.

If I want to change designs? What is the process?
  • You’d have to set up another consultation to start the process over again.
How many edits are permitted before approval?
  • There are 2.
How long do I have to approve a design?
  • 72 hours. (Be mindful that delays in approval, delays production).

How long do I have to send over the fabric?
  • There is no deadline, but it is suggested that they are sent after your fit review.
Does Fabric Sourcing include my fabrics for my final sample?
  • No, our Fabric Sourcing service does not include the price of your final approved fabrics and/or samples.
How much fabric will I need to send over?
  • We provide Fabric Sourcing services, but if you choose to send over your fabric, we will advise your fabric. Any extra fabric required will be discussed during the fit.

What happens if I opt out of fabric sourcing?

  • When opting out of fabric sourcing, the client is responsible for finding, ordering, and shipping all fabrics and trims required for the project.   Patterns will not be cut until fabrics and trims have been received.

How will I get to choose my fabric selections?

  • During our fabric sourcing process, our fabric coordinator will select the best fabrics recommended for your designs then you’ll be able to pick from said fabrics.

What is a Pattern?
  • A pattern is the art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of paper to conform to one or more curves of the human figure. Pattern making is a bridge function between design and production. A sketch can be turned into a garment via a pattern that interprets the design in the form of the garment components.
What is a fit sample?
  • A fit sample is a sample that is produced by a manufacturer and reviewed by the company purchasing them to ensure that they fit properly to the human figure.
What is a final sample?
  • A final sample is the final approved version of a sample produced by the manufacturer.
Once I receive the finished samples and I want to make adjustments will you be able to or will I have to get them altered myself?
  • Adjustments are based on our discretion.
What is the soonest time frame I can get my product development samples?
  • Normally our turnaround time is 6-8 weeks but this can change.
Will I receive all my patterns as soon as the process is completed?
  • Once your invoice is paid, the patterns belong to you.
What kind of changes are permitted during the fit session?
  • Only sizing/fit alterations can be made during the fit session. However, design changes are based on our discretion.
If I’m not happy with my sample, what is the procedure?
  • LC Apparel Consulting has a NO refund policy. We will make every reasonable update if needed.
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