The BlackNfashion Podcast is an education platform in the fashion industry on the growth and enhancement of black designers, merchandisers, stylists, models, buyers and all fashion industry professionals with a focus on entrepreneurship. Our goal is to continue to grow and enhance the black dollar.

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Your brand has the ability to gain exposure and increase sales and profit through the above-listed media outlets of growing listeners and subscribers daily. The podcast is distributed weekly to all the above media channels and has 5-star ratings and reviews on all platforms.

We will call to action your brand/business 2 times per episode. We will mention in the beginning and middle point. Your business contact will be listed in the show notes on all platforms as well as all social media posts that are distributed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You have the option of offering a promo code for listeners to use for your business as well as providing the host with a product to wear for photos and video coverage. You also have the option of providing your own detailed description or verbiage for your product/service or the host can create as well.

*Please note the advertising never goes away and is available for viewing at any time on all platforms.

We offer weekly pricing per podcast at a rate of $25 and we offer monthly pricing which includes 4 episodes at a rate of $80.

Podcasts are recorded every Sunday and payment is required no later than Wednesday of the week of recording. Monthly payments are due on the start date of the contract signing. Weekly advertising does not require a contract.
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