New Year! New LC Apparel! Current clients MUST read!

Hi Designers,
    Happy Holidays! We hope your holiday's are field with happiness.  We would like to update you on the changes LC Apparel Consulting will be having in the New Year! You will now have a Project Manager, this person will be your point of contact from the beginning to end of the project. 
   Your project manager will have total control of your project and will be the only point of contact when you have questions in regards to your garments.
How it works;
You will be assigned a Project Manager
1. Your project manager will have a design consultation or design development session to discuss your designs.
2. You will then have your designs digitally sketched with specs and detailed call outs. 
3. You will then be in the product development stage (Pattern Making, Fitting, Revisions, Fabric Sourcing) 
4. We will make a mock up of your design (Fit Sample) 
5. If your fabric was not picked during your design consultation/design development session, you will be contacted next about your fabric selections.
6. Once we receive your fabrics, we will make your Final Sample with your fabrics!
7. Yay! your design is on it's way!
    Your project manager will be contacting you during this process to keep you up to date with your project. Below is an updated contact list of our Project Managers!
Joannelys Santana
Roderick Reyes
Hadassa Dorcean
Yadira Nelson
   With these changes our business operating hours will be shorter as we transition from 12/28 -01/08 as we are going through training of our restructure. There will be slight delays in communication and project completions. We apologize for this inconvenience in advance. However this transition will allow the product development process to run smoother and faster. 
Since some of you are almost finished with your project, you will be contacted between 01/04 - 01/08 on who your project manager will be for the remaining of your product development process. Thank you for your patience and allowing us to bring your vision to life!
LC Apparel Team

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