What is Product Development?




-Product Development- is defined as the process of conceptualizing, designing, creating, producing, introducing, and delivering new products to consumers or improving on the old styles.


-You are here at this stage because you wanted to create/design a product to sell to consumers, rather that be  designing a shirt with your personalized design, a swimsuit to become better than Mint Swim, or helping to save lives during Covid-19 with face masks.


-Here at LC Apparel Consulting, our team is here to help turn your dream design into reality! You provide us with design pictures, previous samples, or sketches to help create your design.


The Process


-Our team will create a DEVELOPMENT SAMPLE  of each one of your design styles.  This is simply a fabrication of your final design.


-You then will have a DESIGN FITTING.  This is to confirm and finalize all design details, make updates, and revisions to the designers liking of the fabricated design before moving into the FINAL SALES/ADVERTISING SAMPLE.  


-Your Advertising Sample will be made of your final choice of fabric for your design/product.  This sample can be used for branding and marketing of your product.  This sample then will be used for the manufacturers for the production of your product.


-Remember our team is here to help! Very important to ask questions if you do not  understand and to educate yourself about this process. Down below is books to reference to for this journey.


The Plan, The Product, The Process- Lisa Newell Hopkins


The Fashion Business Manual-Fashionary

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